The infamous ultra-right blaugrana following, the Boixos Nois, said they would be in full force at the upcoming Copa del Rey quarterfinal matchup between Barcelona and Espanyol at the Olimpic Monjuic in what will be officially the teams’ final meeting at this stadium.  On Monday they confirmed that despite security being beefed up, they would still appear in full force a the Olimpic Montjuic.

This was a harsh lesson learned after the disastrous events that occurred back in September in that controversial match.


This announcement by the Boixos was made after Espanyol stated that they were going to sell tickets only to club members.  Despite this measure, there were still going to be tickets available prior to Wednesday’s kickoff.  Based on the amount that is available the Boixos would be able to go as a group.

“We will convene in the appropriate place two hours prior to the match…and help say goodbye to the Perico scum.”

In the written communicae, the Boixos mention that their members should not come with any jerseys or merchandising that would “give them away outside or inside the stadium”.

The Catalan ultras have also been in the news recently and denied their involvement in recent events. A group of their members that play in a third division regional side are accused of assaulting another team a few weeks ago in what has been considered a hate crime. The members of third division side Bada Bing (which was expelled from the competition) are accused of assaulting ten players from Rosario Central, a team comprised mostly of immigrants from Argentina, Uruguay, and Morocco. Some of the Rosario Central players had to be sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.