The Espanyol season seems to be going down the tubes with every passing week.  The Málaga loss debacle could have placed the writing on the wall, more importantly it could have cost the team’s second coach this season his job.  There are certain matches that break a team and this one could be broken beyond repair.

José Manuel Esnal (aka Mané) could be out of a job and the Espanyol board can look for solutions that helped out in the past.  Paco Flores is one of the top options that are being talked about. With all of this out on the table and the club sinking quicker than the housing industry in Spain, club president Daniel Sánchez Llibre is trying to calm people down amid the mass hysteria at the club.

Sánchez Llibre is concious that something needs to be done as the team is close to hitting rock bottom; but a coaching change is not one of them. “(Mané) has been at the helm for only eight matches and this is not the time to make such drastic decisions,” said Sánchez Llibre in a press conference on Monday.  Since taking over for Bartolomé “Tintín” Márquez on December 1st, Mané has only been able to earn three out of a possible 24 points.  He was only able to muster up one win (against Polideportivo Ejido in Copa del Rey) in the past month and a half.  This is why some coaches are being speculated and the voice became much louder after Sunday’s loss.

Some of the names being talked about are Paco Flores, the coach that led them to the Copa del Rey title back in 200o.  Another option is Xavier Azkargorta, who is familiar with the club as he took over the helm back in 1983-84 season at the age of 29.  The Basque also led Bolivia to their first-ever World Cup appearance back in 1994.

“We cannot afford to be going into the new stadium after being relegated. We have to overcome this situation,” Sánchez Llibre said.

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