There are certian things that never go together.  If they are placed together, they could cause an explosion.

Aluminum and microwaves. Water and grease on fire.

Politics and football.  These last two are redundant as they generate the same amount of passion and violence when the right ingredients are mixed.

Frederic Kanouté was excited after scored the first goal of the game in Wednedsday´s Copa del Rey matchup against Deportivo.  There was a great deal of excitement in the air as Sevilla put themselves on the scoreboard.  What came was the biggest sociopolitical that news that emerged so far this season in Spain.

When he lifted his jersey, a shirt expressing his support for Palestine emerged from under it.  For many it riled up several political leanings, biases, and other predispositions regardless of which side of the conflict your allegiances stand on.

According to Spanish media he is supposed to receive a heavy fine from both the league and UEFA for making such a political statement, on top the booking he received. ¨This is a very important step. (Kanouté) showed a great deal of courage for supporting our cause in a public function,¨ said Palestinian Embassy counselor Mahmud Aluanen.   Forums from all of the biggest dailies in Spain and in Andalucia express their support for the Mali international.

As far as Kanouté everyone knows where his allegiances stand.  The Mali international is a French-born muslim that has been active with his religion in a positive fashion.   Kanouté built a home for orphans in Mali and was able to help keep open a mosque in Sevilla by offering half a million dollars.   His actions brought praise and criticism from both sides but for their own reasons and benefits.

Look this is not a political blog or a religious one, but Kanouté is one that understands his position as a person in the limelight.   Based on his track record he is not a man that is trying to incite violence or to start an uprising.  That is not what he is about.  We can all be sure that the Sevilla star was not giving his thumbs-up to Hamas.  He did show support for the people that have nothing to do with this tragic series of events that have seen thousands of innocent people caught in the middle of the crossfire.   Kanouté is just showing those people support, God only knows those people (the innocent ones) need it.