So Andrei Arshavin is starting to make loud noises about his future, and it doesn’t look like playing in Russia is a part of it.  He’s telling Zenit St. Petersburg that if he has to, he’ll buy out his contract (this is the only link that is currently available, the Telegraph also reported the same this morning, before updating their story) in order to move. We’re also seeing rumblings that he’s already in London seeing the Arsenal sights, while the negotiations begin over the transfer fee. While 20 million seems a bit much for someone who is more or less demanding to be sold, I don’t blame Zenit for this ploy to start, knowing they will settle for less to just be rid of a headache.

I don’t know what to make of this whole situation. On the one hand, Arsene Wenger needs someone in the absence of Cesc Fabregas while on the other, what does Wenger do once Fabregas is back. Knowing this, Zenit should hold Arsenal over the coals to get what they feel is right for a player under contract to them. The other thing that I wonder about is does Arshavin become surplus requirements to the Arsenal squad once Fabregas does come back? If that happens, how long before Arsenal are dealing with the same antics that got him in the first place.

The other story that has caught my interest is are we starting to see the sell off at West Ham United?  We all know about the alleged financial difficulties West Ham’s owner are having, and we also know about the comments from Zola about selling the surplus. My question to that is, are Calum Davenport and Matthew Etherington really surplus requirements to West Ham United’s squad? The proposed seven million those two will bring doesn’t seem like the right valuation. Then add Scott Parker to that mix that looks to be a 12 million pound transfer to Manchester City makes me wonder if West Ham United are trying to gut their squad. But at the same time, there is talk about bringing in Savio Nsereko. Being an under 19 makes me think he’s probably another year from really cracking the starting 11 on a consistent basis.

I understand Zola wants to keep his core of Craig Bellamy, Matthew Upson and Scott Parker together, and really only one of those three look to be on the chopping block.  I also understand that West Ham do have surplus that they do need to get rid of. I just wonder if the balance they are looking for is the balance that is going to be needed going into the future.

Other Stories
Jermain Defoe is back at Tottenham and as goes with the tried and tested ‘It’s great to be back‘ line. So if Harry Redknapp goes to another club, how long will it be before Defoe follows along?

Micah Richards is hitting back at those who claim he is fat and unfit. I think the only thing unfit is his mind with regards to field positioning.

Look who’s trying to be officer of the peace with Carlos Tevez and Manchester United…the third party interest.

It’s been nice knowing you Dean Windass, who looks to finally be leaving Hull City. I do feel for him, as the man who scored the goal that got Hull City into the Premier League is making a hasty exit back to the lower leagues.

Luis Felipe Scolari has lost his mind if he thinks that Florent Malouda holds the key in their Sunday clash against Manchester United.