Borussia Mönchengladbach

Rank: 18th
Preseason prediction: 12th
What was I thinking?
Gladbach entered the Bundesliga having won the 2. Bundesliga with the most prolific offense and third-stingiest defense. They featured a versatile, if somewhat inexperienced side headlined by Germany’s next can’t miss prospect, Marko Marin.

Season High: It all started off so well with an 8-1 drubbing of Bielefeld. Unfortunately it was VfB Fichte Bielefeld, not Arminia and took place in the first round of the DFB-Pokal (when amateur teams are traditionally led to the slaughter). Gladbach’s subsequent 0-3 defeat to Cottbus in that competition was much more indicative of the season to come.

Season Low: That 0-3 defeat came during the absolutely horrid stretch of September. 11 goals in 4 games, of which Gladbach scored one. Let’s not slight December, however, another (shortened) winless month.

Why Gladbach Might Not Be Relegated: Parity, Parity Parity. The Bundesliga’s well-known penchant for equality extends beyond the logjam at the top of the table. Only 3 points and a bit of goal differential separate 15th from 18th. Their coach, Hans Meyer, is well-known for his ability to repeatedly turn around hopeless cases–this is a prime opportunity to reaffirm that reputation. Furthermore, the club has brought in a number of players with the intent on strengthening their leaky rearguard. It may not sound like much of a positive, but Gladbach’s position can only improve.

Why Gladbach Will Be Relegated: Then again, it’s hard to dismiss the first half of the season as a short-term trend. Their generosity in defense is befitting a town founded around an abbey. But in the profane world of football these virtues go unrewarded. In fact, they’re punished, but let the Philistines have their goals.

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Attendance – 419,861
Goals – 18
Shots – 205
Shots on Goal – 67
Fouls – 372
Corners – 82
Offsides – 57
Yellows – 40

Attendance – 46,651
Goals – 1.06
Shots – 12.06
Shots on Goal – 3.94
Fouls – 21.88
Corners – 4.82
Offsides – 3.35
Yellows – 2.35