Who Said That Before The Inter vs. Juventus Derby?

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Inter vs Juventus 

In the last eighteen head to head six have been won by Juventus with four won by Inter and the final eight have been draws making this a highly charged encounter.  Internazionale are given the nod by bookies but that won’t stand for anything come the final moments as Juventus have been known to finish off opponents in extra time.  Personally I favor the visitors Juventus they are in prime form and have returned Italian football to front and center in the European theatre with wins over Real Madrid.  When football fans unfamilar with Serie A make comments about those boring Italians I respond, “Serie A: Boring Italian football? Think again.”

 Pre-Derby Skill Testing Question 

Can you guess who said what? Lets see if you know your Serie A personalities. (the correct answer will be posted Monday)

the contestants are: Inter manager Jose Mourinho, Juventus manager Claudio Ranieri, Inter president Massimo Moratti, Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli 


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