We have officially hit double digit weeks in the La Liga season which means that we are going to see the separation of the contenders & the pretenders for the title of La Liga Champion.  The energy of starting a new season has worn off and now the grind of a long season begins to set in.  The teams with the best combination of talent and determination will stand out and claim glory.  With all that flowery, epic language out of the way we can get to the business of the La Liga Team Of The Week.  The winner made headlines and/or played matches during the calendar week of Nov. 3 – 9.

Real Betis Balompié

The team based in Sevilla in the south of Spain gets the nod over Barcelona this week for their 4-2 road win vs. Numancia. 2 goals by Brazilian born Turkish international Mehmet Aurelio secured the win for Betis and moved them further away from relegation. You must be reading this going BARCA SCORED 6 GOALS!! AND THEY AREN’T THE T.O.W.  As a Barca fan, I was tempted to name them but a home 1-1 draw against FC Basel midweek eliminated them and a road win counts more than a home win, Barca got their 6 at the Camp Nou. Betis’ victory was more important, it moved them 4 points clear of relegation. Had Betis lost they would have fallen into the last relegation spot while had Barca lost they would have been in a Champions League spot just 2 points behind leaders Villarreal. Falling from 1st to 4th, is not nearly as bad as falling from 15th to 18th so Betis did well to take the 3 points on the road.  Therefore, Real Betis Balompié earns the moniker of La Liga Team Of The Week.