Beckham To Milan?


AC Milan made it official on their website as they would like to obtain the services of the LA Galaxy star.  What more incredible was the terms in which they would like to get him. The Spice Boy will be wearing the Rossoneri as of January on a four-month loan in which the Italians did not have to pay a penny.

“Beckham has chosen Milan. We are an ultra-competitive squad and David is an intriguing addition. We aren’t trying to collect big-name figures. Milan are very proud to be the only side that the fans are flocking to see,” said coach Carlo Ancelotti on the Milan website.

This is in an attempt for Beckham to keep his place in the English national team  during these months in which he would be inactive as the MLS regular season in done.  England coach Fabio Capello mentions that he would not call up any player that was inactive.  Beckham has also lost relevance in the football world east of the Atlantic Ocean in his effort to make the sport big in a country where they “feared” it, as Ruud Gullit said.  In the process of be soccer´s version of The One, he became stagnant and had to overcome injuries as well as coaching changes.   The stagnation  of the MLS´biggest star is an injustice to the ever-improving level of play of the league, but Beckham was always the different player with different needs and different intentions. If he wants to be more than a second-half “super sub”, he will need to be closer to Fabio Capello´s radar.  To be inactive when Capello needs him most, would not be earning him points.

There is also speculation as far the English international remaining in the fashion capital of the world- permanently. “He will stay here at Milan for several months and we are discussing things with his agent,” Galliani explained. Many people mention that there is a possibility that his future might be with Milan and their his potential for a commercial resurrection as he plays alongside players like Ronaldinho and Kaká.

So January will be an interesting time of the year as it always is.  More importantly, this soap opera will give everyone yet one more reason to focus on Serie A even more.


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