Yesterday in Dubai, Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley was offered $360 million for the club by Dubai investors, but called the offer an insult and snubbed Arab investors to instead partake in drinking cocktails at a local bar, according to

Ashley reportedly received the offer earlier in the day and was supposed to meet with the Arab investors later that night at 11pm local time. Instead, he arrived at a nearby bar and stayed there — with Dennis Wise and Derek Llamblas — until after 1am.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the investor that was interested in buying the club was Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (pictured above).

Ashley and his party were scheduled to return to England on Thursday, but may return on Wednesday instead now that his “take it or leave it” estimation of $860 million was not met.

At this rate, Newcastle United fans may be stuck with Ashley for several weeks or months if a buyer isn’t found.