Poor Robbie Keane has joined the growing list of Liverpool players to be burgled over the not too distant past. He, along with at least six other players (now past and present) have had their homes burglarized in the Liverpool area. This makes me ask, after the first three, why wouldn’t the police force of Liverpool have taken a more proactive approach of finding the thief/thieves?

According to the police TV dramas I know, some sort of stake-out should be set up across the street of the possible next victim.  Given that many of these players are multi-millionaires and probably live in a large home with expansive property, getting close might prove difficult. How can these homes not be set up with alarms or a security team of their own? Again, after a few guys are hit, wouldn’t the rest recognize a pattern and go to greater lengths to prevent such an event? Still, I wonder what the police make of all this…

Looking at Keane’s burglary closer, it seems to have taken place in a HOTEL PENTHOUSE SUITE all of places! Even a two-star hotel has some type of security, so you would think a hotel with a penthouse has all sorts of guys walking around with wires coming out of their ear.

Last December, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s home was burglarized. Keane’s place is the first this season. According to a report on The Guardian website, “The club put in place extra security for its stars and Keane is the first to be targeted since Gerrard’s home was raided.” Wow, what a novel and original thought! I have to wonder why that thought only occurred to them after FIVE OTHER GUYS got tagged. The only thing the coppers said about the raid on Keane’s house was that they “don’t believe it is linked with the others. It is almost like a spur of the moment thing and doesn’t look like a pre-planned operation.” But I didn’t see any further comment on what they plan to do to prevent more occurrences.

After seeing the post on EPL Talk regarding the surrounding neighborhood by Anfield stadium, I understand that cracking a case regarding a few items being stolen from a rich footballer might not be high on their “to-do” list, and these players can probably take care of themselves (with regards to security). Though this post can mostly be taken tongue-in-cheek, I do hope no one gets hurt during one of these “raids” because the police weren’t available to tend to this apparent spree.