Mee-lan look set to make Emmanuel Adebayor their newest signing, sending Arsene Wenger scouring for replacements. The Boss may like the cut of Peter Crouch’s under-rated jib, but not for £15m. Expect Tottenham to outbid themselves by £3m on him, just to be safe. (Football 365)

Arsene may actually have his sights on Sporting starlet Miguel Veloso, but will probably be over him by the time A.C. Milan, Juventus and Manchester United come bearing flowers and gifts. (Football 365)

Andrei Arshavin’s stock went falling like a Led Zeppelin in the match against Spain, though Barcelona still have a whole lotta love for the little one, and expect him to rock n’ roll for them next season for the tidy sum of 25m euros. (Guardian)

The prospect of unyielding mediocrity may not be enough to keep England winger Stewie Downing at Middlesbrough. The twenty-three year old would rather not compete for the Premier League title in style at Liverpool. (The Times)

Well well well, Tottenham athlete Aaron Lennon may unite with Paul when Blackburn accept him and a £15m check as payment for David Bentley’s biggest fan. It may be just like starting over, for Ince but with the funds transferred for another purchase, the deal could end up a double fantasy. (Daily Mirror)