Spain are off to a great start against the Russians, here are some of my observations this far.

  • Spain are two goals ahead from David Villa, who looks sharp and full of confidence today. There was no way he could have missed from the setup by Torres, and did well to finish under pressure by the goalie for the second.
  • Villa and Torres are starting to combine well, looks like Luis Aragones made the right choice leaving out a midfielder for the extra striker.
  • Russia still looks dangerous, especially out on the flanks when Spain goes forward.
  • Torres is finally getting free space after being contained for the first twenty.
  • Russia needs to cope better with Spain’s speed if they are to get anything from this match.
  • Having hit the post twice it just might not be Russia’s night.
  • Iniesta has had some very nice slick passes so far.
  • Listening to the announcers try and say the Russians names is quite amusing.

Well I’m off to watch the second half, hope Spain doesn’t blow it.