There are some movers and shakers in the list of the top 10 most visited soccer websites by visitors from the United States, according to Hitwise for the week ending May 17th. Compared to the week ending April 26th, ESPN Soccernet is still number one, but with slightly less overall market share. has jumped from number four to number two, leapfrogging Fox Sports Soccer and who both dropped back.

Dropping off the list is, which has been replaced by the more popular

Here’s the complete top 10 as of the week ending May 17, 2008:

  1. ESPN Soccernet, 14.46% market share
  2., 8.51%
  3. Foxsports Soccer, 6.57%
  4., 6.02%
  5., 3.94%
  6. Manchester United, 3.63%
  7. Yahoo! Sports World Soccer, 3.29%
  8. Major League Soccer, 3.26%
  9. Big Soccer, 2.39%
  10., 2.37%

Anticipating one question that readers may have based on the comments from an earlier post, The Offside isn’t listed in the top 10. In fact, it’s not listed in the top 150 (EPL Talk is number 142).