Valencia is an estrange team. They never have calm. We can compare its recent history with a rollercoaster. They have been twice La Liga winners (01/02 and 03/04) just some years ago and this season they have been on the verge to be relegated. They are always having internal problems with its direction staff, something that is a big problem when you have behind ones of the most passionate supporters all over the country but, at the same time, probably the most demanding ones. They don’t need so much to start complaining but this year they have reasons to do it. 

We open this week newspapers and we see Koeman, former Valencia coach, saying: “Joaquín had a 30 Euros performance” (remember Joaquín was bought for 30 millions). He also says that “it was a mistake coming to Valencia”. I agree. He is so bad to train los ches. He arrived here with Valencia in fourth position and left it bordering relegation. As you know, his first decision was putting aside Albelda, Angulo y Cañizares, a curious way of doing things.  

Although Koeman has been a problem for Valencia, the main one is its chairman and, at the same time, owner. It is true that El Larguero, the main radio sport program (with great influences in this country), has launched a campaign against Juan Soler. But the problem is that he deserved it. He has destroyed a team prepared to win La Liga, dismissing employees when he was angry, signing estranges players for too much money (Banega, Fernandes…) and taking unbelievable decisions as the one of the three captains, that everybody think was his idea. 

The city of Valencia doesn’t deserve this man. Now is not the president (he has delegated this function in Agustin Morera who, at least, seems to be a more logical person), but he still have the real power, so we can say Valencia FC is still in danger. Marcelino (sensational former Racing’s manager), for example, said “no” to Valencia because of its strange future project. After Albelda, Angulo and Cañizares probably this summer will leave the club Silva, Joaquín and Villa. Too much talent lost, I think. 

For the best of the city of Valencia, but also for the best o Spanish football (that definitely needs Valencia again at the top) we hope Soler leave the club soon, so we can see again Valencia where its supporters deserve to be.