For those of you who are unaware, Trix and Flix are the mascots of Euro 2008.  While clicking through the tournament’s homepage for a few hours the other day, I came across these two lovable characters in an animated music video featuring the musical stylings of Shaggy.  Yes, Shaggy.  I’m not quite sure how he ties into European soccer, but he has “teamed up” with the mascots to help them “spread their passion to parts of the world they cannot visit in person.”  Fantastic.

 On a much more serious note, we are 30 days away from the opening game between Switzerland and the Czech Republic in Basel.  I’ll be blogging about the tournament this summer and I hope to be as informative and entertaining as possible.

 As I mentioned earlier, I spent several hours on the tournament’s website – which is quite possible as it’s packed with all kinds of info.  The site is very visually appealing and can definitely keep you interested.  You can even look at the design of every team bus as well as their fan-selected slogan.  For example, Turkey’s bus reads “Would the passion of Turkey fit into this bus?”  Interesting question. 

BTW – a huge thanks to The Gaffer for the opportunity to write on this great site – I hope I do it justice.  Please send me any tips or suggestions.