If soccer fans in the United States want to see more Premier League clubs visit the country each summer for friendly matches, there’s only one thing they need to do: Convince corporations in the U.S. to sponsor Premiership clubs!

That’s what sponsors in China and Thailand have done after deciding to invest approximately $40 million in Manchester City. As a result, the chances of City playing friendly matches in the Far East, especially China, has increased significantly. And the club is already making moves to set up training academies on that continent.

In today’s modern world, the lure of money can make clubs travel around the world. Finding sponsors in the U.S. who are interested in expanding their brand worldwide through a top Premier League club would be an excellent business move.

While the 2007-2008 Premier League season isn’t even half over yet, there’s already talk about some English clubs visiting the States next summer for friendlies. Liverpool has been tipped as one side likely to visit. It’s been a few years since the Merseyside club last toured North America.

Liverpool’s Merseyside neighbors, Everton, may be likely to return to the United States again after a short successful trip this past summer. It seems that every time the club tours the United States during the summer, the team has a strong start to the season.

The question is whether most Premier League clubs will travel to Asia next summer again leaving the United States in the cold? Don’t forget that many players will be involved in Euro 2008 held from June 7-29 in Switzerland and Austria so because of the shorter summer break, many clubs may want to stay closer to home rather than traveling around the world.

That said, expect the two Manchester clubs to tour Asia separately, where they both have growing fanbases.