People often write to me at EPL Talk about where they can buy the Premier League anthem or theme song. They usually ask about the classic one remixed by DJ Judge Jules, and sometimes the most recent one by Peter Lawlor

Thanks to a tip from reader Charles Hurley, we can now reveal that you can buy the Premier League anthem from Amazon.

Four versions are available (each at a very reasonable 99 cents). The versions are:

  • Handshake mix – the “formal” anthem that was played as the teams came out on the pitch
  • Full mix – a remix of the above version
  • Judge Jules 2005 mix – slow tempo and is the version used by Sky on its broadcasts, and
  • Judge Jules 2006 mix – used in last season’s EPL Preview/Review shows.

In a previous post from EPL Talk, we provided more details about the history of the Premier League Theme song and the artist himself, Judge Jules.

Additional note: According to EPL Talk reader JeffyHash, the songs are also available via iTunes. And the iTunes versions of the songs are higher quality (256K instead of 128K) and DRM free.