Benitez’adamance to use his players through a rotation policy is becoming the annoyance of the football pundits, and the Liverpool fans. Should he swallow his ego and abandon his recurring underachieving lineups? Is he really that ego centric? It almost seems as if his stubbornness to have a fixed team is costing him some credibility as a manager because he is not getting results – more importantly in the league.

I do not see a Benitez side that plays coherently. The last several games they have played, have been unstable and worrisome. From a tactical standpoint, Liverpool’s game has become so foreseeable that teams have begun to figure out how they play. Is it a sign that Benitez’ time may be coming to an end?

The upcoming game against Arsenal has come at an inconvenient time for Benitez. I cannot see Liverpool getting three points from this game; not with this form, at least. One may wonder whether the Liverpool fans will soon start calling for the board to pull the plug on Benitez if they lose this weekend. It has been sixteen years since they last won it; shouldn’t Benitez be prioritizing the premier league?

I can see Benitez leaving Liverpool for a dull Real Madrid that neither stimulate nor entertain.