Emilio: The engine on the DC attack
Never count out DC United. Behind two outstanding Luciano Emilio goals and some sloppy goalkeeping by Matt Reis, United crushed New England 3-0 in front of a small crowd in Foxborough. Our friend BC John pointed out to me earlier today that a one touch passing team like DC United seems to have suffered with Fred, a classy winger who likes the hold the ball in the lineup. Today without Fred and Christian Gomez, and with a partially healthy Jaime Moreno (who come on at halftime and looked like he should have come out five minutes later), United reasserted that despite the current table in the East they are always the team to beat in MLS. Later in the week I want to take a good look at attendance for some big market venues in MLS and discuss why the current situation is unacceptable irrespective of whether or not certain places have soccer specific stadiums already.