Great finish by Dempsey for the goal

I’m not sure how many bad clearances Carlos Bocanegra has to make before US coaches begin to look at other options at left center back. I don’t care how many goals Bocanegra scores for Fulham, he just is too inaccurate when clearing the ball to be on the back line. Perhaps he should play holding midfield as he often does for Fulham.

It’s great to see Frankie Hedjuk back on the national team pushing the ball down the flanks and not giving up an inch on the backline. However since Hedjuk can play on the left or right side I would have preferred him on the left side instead of the untested and somewhat scary Jonathan Bornstein. Frankie Simek could have started outside on the right side.

Demarcus Beasley seems to be doing very well wide on the left side although spacing seems to be an issue between Michael Bradley and Benny Feilhaber.

I know Landon Donovan doesn’t want to play wide but he looks so natural out there, he may just have to bite the bullet and play there especially if Dempsey is going to be a striker from here on out for the national team. Besides when Donovan plays in the center of midfield he tends to push wide to the right anyhow.

Oguchi Onyewu has been a rock in the first half. Carlos Ruiz has been very quiet.

Why does MLS insist on playing a full schedule when so many of the clubs in MLS rely on players in the Gold Cup?