For those of you who subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast feed from iTunes (give yourselves a pat on the back!), you’ll have discovered a surprise this week with the first episode of the Major League Soccer Podcast.

Hosted by Kartik Krishnaiyer, the podcast aims to cover the MLS just as well as the EPL Talk Podcast covers the English Premier League. The first episode features an interview with me recounting my memories of the NASL, indoor soccer and what impact Beckham will have on soccer fans in the States. Plus, Kartik also speaks with Major League Soccer Talk correspondents Michael Haley and David Trotter.

While the first episode of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast was delivered to you this week, you’ll need to subscribe to get all of the additional episodes. I’ll be setting up a separate site and separate RSS feed over the weekend and will let you know as soon as that’s available.

Kartik has some fantastic ideas for the podcast as well as some major high-profile guests who will be interviewed in the coming weeks. To learn more, be sure to bookmark the web site Kartik has been doing a fabulous job bringing you the latest news from the MLS and his site is updated several times a week.