The Stadium is not only an excellent soccer specific stadium with a beautiful pitch and outstanding sight-lines, but it has perhaps the best concessions I have seen at a non-Baseball stadium in the United States. Any type of food is available at the park. This includes standard sports event fare such as hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn. But the choice of concessions goes far beyond that: Mexican and Italian food are available as are such varied items as Doughnuts, Espresso, Pork Sandwiches, Churros, Bar-B-Que and various local brews. The Stadium shop is easily the best I have seen (for example it puts the team shop I am most accustomed to at Dolphin Stadium to shame). Hopefully the bar that has been set by this first rate facility will be met by the new stadiums in New Jersey and Utah as well as potential new MLS club stadiums in Fremont, CA, Cleveland, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Milwaukee.