What was the first soccer web site you remember visiting?

For me, my memory is a little dusty but I do remember being in college in 1996 and my professor was raving about the Mosaic web browser in one of her classes. Around that time, I remember using a bunch of different services to access the Internet. One was Prodigy, which was partly owned by Sears. Another was CompuServe. Then we had some terminals in the college library. And I started using AOL around that time, too. One of the services, I can’t remember which, listed the results from English matches.

But the first soccer web site I remember visiting, and visiting frequently, was Soccernet — which, at that time, was owned by The Daily Mail newspaper in England before they sold it to ESPN in 1999.

The design of the site was extremely primitive (click on the above image for a close-up) or see more examples here and here. But it was my first love in terms of soccer sites before I later discovered the BBC Sport site.

While ESPN has obviously taken the Soccernet brand and completely enhanced it, I wonder in hindsight whether the Daily Mail regrets selling the site to ESPN. The current Daily Mail site is extremely poor, but I would imagine that the Daily Mail brand was much more popular in the late 90’s because of the web site. It was the first English newspaper that jumped to my mind back then. Now, I hardly even think about it or consider purchasing a copy when I’m in England.
What was your first soccer web site you visited?