Pre Game Thoughts:

Nice to see ESPN with the big game set up and production for this one after the minor league shame of the Denmark TV broadcast.

When is this game actually going to begin??????????????

ESPN has no shame…….this hype before the game is disgusting. I can only take so much of Dave O’Brien or Rob Stone and certainly didn’t want to take both!

This is painful. ESPN couldn’t even give certain World Cup matches the proper buildup, but seems to be milking this midweek friendly for all it’s worth.

Glad to see Landon Donovan playing up top where he belongs.

Halftime Thoughts:

Mexico looks more organized but Jimmy Conrad and Carlos Bocanegra are really shutting down Jared Borgetti.

Chris Rolfe looks completely lost.

Ricardo Clark has shown flashes but isn’t playing that well.

Pablo Mastroeni needs to start playing under control. He is so critical to this team and but he is a marked man by the officials. He has a reputation for being dirty that he needs to be aware of.

Our side looks disorganized and tenative. We need some attacking prowess from the bench. An opportunity for Eddie Johnson, Justin Mapp or Taylor Twellman to make a difference.

End of Game

What a game for Conrad, not just scoring a goal but seemingly being so well positioned on the defensive end when the man markers were beat.

Carlos Bocanegra showed some great hustle and guts considering he played 90 minutes on the weekend for Fulham.


How about Eddie Johnson showing some great counter attacking moves: He seems to have his confidence back even though he didn’t score a goal.

Mexico gambled pushing too many men forward and the US could have gotten a few more counter attacking goals, but we’ll take yet another 2-0 drubbing of Mexico. Feels like Korea 2002 all over again!