Your Guide to Premiership TV Commentators

For many of us who watch Premiership soccer on TV, we hear the same football commentators more often than we see some teams play. No matter who plays on a weekend, it’s comforting to hear the familiar voices.But who are the men behind the mic responsible for painting the picture of the Premiership for us?

Here’s the EPL Talk guide to TWI commentators (and Sky Sports talent):

Main Commentators:

Alan Parry. For many football fans, he’s the second most popular commentator behind Martin Tyler. He’s distinctive voice has been a staple of British football since 1973 when he joined the BBC. In that time, he’s worked for the Beeb, ITV and Sky. Rumors are circulating that he may be on his way to Setanta Sports in the summertime.

Steve Banyard. A familiar voice to football fans each weekend. He’s often teamed with football analyst Paul Walsh, and has been quietly been flying under the radar despite commentating on matches since the 1991 in Sheffield and, prior to that in Kent.

Ian Darke. In some circles, he’s more famous as a boxing commentator than a football one, but Darke has been plying his football trade for quite some time. He even worked in the States for a while (if my memory is correct, it could have been the 1994 World Cup).

Martin Tyler. For many, Martin Tyler has ascended to the top of the ranks as legendary, and since departed, Brian Moore (pictured above) did. His unmistakeable voice and confident manner is the perfect combination of professionalism mixed with excitement when appropriate. A modern day legend who has commented on matches since 1974.

Rob Hawthorne. The former BBC Five Live commentator has been working with Sky Sports since the Premiership began in 1992.

Jon Champion. Yet another commentator with an unmistakeable voice. Champion has been commentating football matches on TV since 1995 and is also a former BBC Five Live radio commentator.

Tim Caple. Sounding like a more serious version of Stuart Hall, he most recently commented on the Manchester City match against Everton from January 1, 2007. A sample of his voice can be heard here.

Peter Drury. Another in a long list of legendary English football commentators, Drury has been commentating football on TV since he started with ITV in 1998.

Gary Taphouse. More familiar as the commentator for Chelsea’s CFCnet coverage, Taphouse also finds time to commentate EPL matches.

Co-Commentators (aka color commentators):

Andy Gray. Former Everton star and the leading football expert on TV.

Andy Townsend. Former Aston Villa midfielder.

Chris Kamara. Former hard man defender played with 10 different clubs in England including Leeds United.

Robbie Earle. Former Wimbledon striker and scorer of Jamaica’s first ever World Cup goal.

Brian Marwood. Former Arsenal winger.

Alan Smith. Former Arsenal striker.

Tony Gale. Former West Ham player.

David Pleat. Former Spurs manager.

Paul Walsh. Former Spurs centre forward.

Efan Ekoku. Former Norwich City striker.

Trevor Francis. Former Nottingham Forest striker who was the first million pound signing ever when he joined the club from Birmingham City.

Garry Birtles. Former Nottingham Forest forward.Out of all of the football commentators who cover the Premiership on TV for your viewing pleasure, who are your favorites and who do you love to hate the most? And who did I miss (BBC, ITV, Setanta, radio and Channel 4 are not included on purpose).


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