According to Vic Wakeling, Managing Director of Sky Sports, in an email to EPL Talk reader Tokyo Toffeeman, Wakeling expects “at least one other broadcaster to make a raid on [Sky Sports’s] talent at some stage next year.”

You can narrow down the possibilities and infer that Wakeling is talking about Setanta Sports who will begin broadcasting Premiership matches in the UK next season along with Sky Sports. There are only so many quality commentators in England, and if you were Setanta, wouldn’t you want some of the well known names on your team?

Earlier this year Setanta lured Sky Sports announcer Paul Dempsey over to Dublin to work on their brilliantly-produced Premiership coverage (which Setanta customers in the US can see most Saturdays).

Don’t be surprised if Setanta targets a veteran commentator such as Alan Parry. In my opinion, he’s the second best commentator in the English game. First place, of course, would be Martin Tyler (see his photo from Old Trafford at the recent match versus Chelsea).