I never knew it would be so difficult to get tickets to a match at Anfield. Sure, I’ve been following the game of football since I was the age of 7 or 8 — 30 odd years now — but here’s what I found when I tried to get a ticket to the Champions League match in late November against PSV Eindhoven.Although I’m not a Liverpool supporter, it’s hard not to admire the club especially after I grew up in the UK during my formative years of the late 70s and early 80s. Liverpool was the greatest team in the world at the time.In anticipation of my first visit to Anfield, I purchased a Liverpool FC Fancard more than a year ago. However when details of how to purchase a ticket were announced late last week, I was disappointed to see that you could only buy a ticket to the PSV match if you had already purchased a ticket on the same fancard to the Galatasaray match from late September or the Bordeaux match from this past week.For someone like me, who doesn’t live in the UK, the ticket policy makes it almost impossible to see Liverpool play. Sure, I completely understand that Liverpool is trying to reward those loyal supporters who go to many matches, but in this case, Liverpool has already qualified for the next round of the Champions League so the match against PSV is virtually meaningless.The irony is that my Aunt lives less than half a mile from Anfield and this may be my first and last chance to see a match at Anfield before the club moves to a new stadium. However, I’ll try to visit the Anfield Stadium Tour to at least capture the history and excitement of visiting one of the greatest clubs in English football history.