While the race for the Premiership is tight at the top, the EPL Talk Fantasy Leagues are shaping up to be very competitive also.Amazingly, Inter Rockfish has been knocked out of first place in the EPL Talk Champions League by The Bloody Yanks (Jeremy Lay). The new first place team has Kaka to thank for a hat trick against Anderlecht, which earned The Bloody Yanks 34 points (Kaka was also his captain).Rockfish United continue to remain in first place in the EPL Talk Premiership League, but Gratefullawyer is hot on his heels.Here are the top five teams in both the EPL Talk Premiership League and the EPL Talk Champions League:Premier League:1 ROCKFISH UNITED 5462 Gratefullawyer 5303 Yantai FC 5224 TheScouts 5195 The Gaffer 513Champions League:1 Bloody Yanks 2172 INTER ROCKFISH 2123 RedBullNJ 2114 gratefullawyer 2065 FC Epikoinos 202If you’d like to join either of the leagues, it’s free. Just go to these blog postings for more information: here and here.