In Week 6 of the Premiership, the race for the EPL Talk Fantasy Football League is heating up. Here are the current top five (out of the 63 in the league):

1 ROCKFISH UNITED David Griffith 341
2 Gratefullawyer Wayne Novick 326
3 Yantai FC Michael Trubey 307
4 Beerlovers F.C. Deryk McDowell 304
5 The Gaffer Christopher Harris 303

And to make sure the teams at the bottom of the league don’t get too discouraged, here are the bottom five:

60 BlackLodge Alan Wigodski 193
61 MadhamFC Matt Mitterko 167
62 Death Wolves Samarth Ghorpade 160
63 The Lards Matthew Larson 130

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