Scott Coonfare owns a sports restaurant in downtown Tampa, not far from the Buccaneers stadium (Tampa Buccaneers that is, not Manchester). The appropriately named “Coonfare’s Sports Cafe” has jerseys from Premiership clubs framed on the wall, features a Union Jack flag outside and serves fish-n-chips (alas without the mushy peas, according to Scott).

At Coonfare’s Sports Cafe, Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports are always on. “It’s amazing how many EPL fans there are in Tampa,” says Scott. “It’s like an underground group of people who are very true to the sport.”

To keep his hungry soccer fans updated on all of the news about the Premiership, Scott has been promoting the EPL Talk web site in unique ways. So unique, in fact, that he’s the winner of the autographed “Once In A Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos” poster signed by Giorgio Chinaglia and Shep Messing. Here’s how Scott is getting the word out about EPL Talk:

  • Scott created a free weekly newsletter, in the form of a flyer, named EPL Buzz and leaves it outside his restaurant for people to read a schedule of what matches will be shown on the restaurant’s big screen TVs. Plus, the newsletter features the top Premiership headlines and informs readers that they can “find out more at”
  • Outside the front door of Coonfare’s Sports Cafe, Scott has placed two signboards for passerbys to see. The first has the daily specials. The second has the top Premiership headlines (taken from the news ticker at the homepage of EPL Talk), and the address. See picture here.
  • Scott also prints copies of the EPL Talk Magazine, and puts them out by the front door for restaurant patrons to read.

If you find yourself in Tampa anytime soon, be sure to visit Coonfare’s Sports Cafe. They offer 50 beers, many of which are British. They’ve got an extensive menu of over 100 items. Plus they have Fox Soccer Channel on one of the 24 TVs and two wide-screen TVs. View pictures of his restaurant here.

And if you’re interested in spreading the word about EPL Talk and earning free prizes, sign up today for free to join the EPL Talk Buzz revolution.