Everything is not smelling like roses in English football. While we’ve been reporting the past couple of weeks about the number of empty seats at Premiership grounds, the British press — surprisingly — has neglected the topic focusing instead on the transfer merry-go-round.

So, for football fans alike — especially those that are Newcastle United ones — it’s interesting to read a web site called NUFC Finances. While not new, it’s one of those sites you wish every football club had one. Exhaustive research, fascinating numbers and revealing content. It gives you a rare glimpse into the transactions of a football club and asks some very pointed questions about what Newcastle is doing with the money plucked from its fans.

Some of the interesting statistics and revelations on the site include:

  • The breakdown of revenue since the 1997-98 season showing how much money comes from shirts, TV, sponsorship, gate receipts and even catering,
  • Gate receipts for Newcastle have almost doubled from 2000 to 2005,
  • How much the board members are making in terms of salaries,
  • Profits and losses, and much more.

While the site design is low-tech, the information makes for fascinating reading. Just click on the links near the top of the page and prepare to be amazed.