Throughout the years, Germany against Italy has been a classic match. Most notably during the 1970 World Cup semi-final, when Italy defeated the Germans 4-3 despite Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer playing with a dislocated shoulder after being injured in the match.

My personal prediction is that Italy will prevail in this match, 2-1. Germany’s goal in this tournament was to reach the semi-finals, so psychologically they’ve already succeeded. Italy, on the other hand, have higher expectations. Plus, their players are more well rested, with fewer knocks and bruises, after cruising past Ukraine in 90 minutes. Germany, you’ll remember, had to play 120 minutes against Argentina, and then play penalty kicks.

No matter what the result of today’s game, let’s hope that the teams rise to the occasion. This, without a doubt, is the biggest match of the tournament thus far. And, I predict, the winner will go on to lift the trophy on Sunday.