Today, we have a guest blog entry from Canadian Lonnie Smetana about London team Queens Park Rangers — currently in the Championship. This one is a classic (thanks Lonnie):

QPR boardroom scene like gangster movie, court told

LONDON, May 4 (Reuters) – Queens Park Rangers chairman Gianni Paladini was threatened with a gun in a boardroom battle that resembled a scene out of gangster movie, a court heard on Thursday.

Paladini, 58, was forced to write out a letter of resignation and to
sign two documents surrendering his shares after being confronted by
“hired muscle” during a match against Sheffield United, London’s
Blackfriars Crown Court was told.

David Williams QC, prosecuting, told the court: “He was shouted at,
slapped and punched by the group until he complied. He had no means of
escape and terrified for his safety did as he was told.”

Seven men deny blackmail, false imprisonment and possession of a
firearm or imitation firearm on August 13 last year at QPR’s home
ground, Loftus Road. They include 50-year-old club director David
Morris and Andrew Baker, 39, from Somerset.

Opening the case Williams told the jury: “I don’t know if you watch
the Sopranos — it was like something out of gangster movie.

“The case involves an attempt to coerce a majority shareholder of the
famous West London football club Queens Park Rangers into resigning
his position on the Board of Directors and to surrender his shares.

“However, this was no boardroom battle at a football club of the type
which you might be familiar from the business or sports pages of the

“Quite literally, a gun was produced and possibly held to the head of
Gianni Paladini, who then owned a 14.7 per cent stake in the club.

“At the dictation of David Morris, a co-director of the club, he was
forced to write out a letter of resignation and to sign two documents.
To ensure that he did so he was intimidated by the presence of `hired
muscle’ provided by Baker.

“This all took place on Saturday August 13 last year — QPR were
playing at home against Sheffield United.

“Shortly before kick off Morris and Mr Paladini were both in the
Chairman’s suite on the second floor in the South Africa Road stand.

“Officials from both QPR and Sheffield United were enjoying the
pre-match hospitality. Mr Paladini arrived at the ground with his
daughter Kate, his son Stephen and grandson Gianluca.


“David Morris asked if he could have a word with Paladini and the two
men went up another flight of stairs to the Chief Executive’s Office
to speak privately.

“Within minutes a group of around six men burst into the room including Baker.

“One of the group — Baker — sat next to Paladini, another stood
immediately behind him. Others filled the room and took up positions
which would have left Mr Paladini in no doubt of their intentions.

“A gun was produced — real or imitation — and was pointed at Mr
Paladini before being placed on the table in front of him.

“From the rear he could feel something being pushed to the back of his
head. He was never in a position to see if that was a gun or not but
understandably feared that it was.

“It was against this scenario that Gianni Paladini was forced to write
his own letter of resignation. He was shouted at, slapped and punched
by the group until he complied.

“He had no means of escape and, terrified for his safety, did as he was told.”

Officials were barred entry, including the then QPR Chairman Bill
Power. Having signed, Paladini was told to leave with his family and
never return, being paid for his shares later directly into his bank

The hearing continues.

Lonnie Smetana is a soccer writer and owner of the http:\/\/ web site.