Suspend your disbelief for a minute, and go along with the following scenario for the end to the Premiership season:

Chelsea, dented by their FA Cup Semi-Final loss against Liverpool, succumb to Manchester United this Saturday and lose their first home game in more than a year. United will be buoyed by this win and will have the bragging rights of being the only team to defeat Chelsea home and away this season.

Now, for a moment, imagine that Chelsea go into a tailspin from the loss to Manchester United and manage to lose their two remaining away matches of the season against Blackburn (a difficult team to beat, even for Chelsea) and Newcastle (a team reborn with Michael Owen possibly back in contention).

Man United, meanwhile, cruise to victories in their final two home matches against Middlesbrough and Charlton.

I realize the scenario is incredulous, but with the game of soccer, anything is possible. If the above did happen, Man United would be joint first with Chelsea and the title would come down to goal difference. Right now, Chelsea are +12 over Man United, so United would have to score several goals in the remaining games to close that gap.

As I mentioned, anything is possible. Chelsea could draw United on Saturday and the Premiership trophy would be theirs.

Watch the match live on Fox Soccer Channel at 7:30am and hang on to the edge of your seat!