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  1. Hello Chris,

    Love the website, appreciate your efforts towards keeping us American soccer fans abreast of world football news and related items.

    I have AT&T uverse and am quite excited that they’ve picked up the premier league website for streaming EPL games as a counterpart to the NBC coverage of the league. However, living on the west coast, I’m 8 hours behind UK time. So, if I can’t either record games on NBC sports network or USA or TBS or whichever affiliate is broadcasting them, then I’m screwed (unless I want to get up at 5am on a Saturday!).

    With that said, I am really hoping AT&T picks up Extra Time – that way I know I can record every Man City game this season. Or – if the website option will offer an “On demand” feature that allows you to view the games later that day, that would be nearly as sufficient (I’d prefer my large screen t.v. to my macbook’s screen – but I’ll take on demand coverage online in a heartbeat).

    Do you know of any networks that have actually added Extra Time yet? Do you know anything about the website with streaming live games? Might it provide on demand replay of the games? Any info you have is appreciated.



  2. I am trying to find EPL game coverage on my charter cable system in southern California. I have called 3 times and they have no information. All I see is the 1/2 hour review show on nbcsn? Any ideas?

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