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Should Premier League Clubs Allow Vuvuzelas?

Posted on by Jesse Chula

As of press time, eight Premier League clubs have taken the precautionary step to ban the controversial vuvuzela still a few weeks until the domestic league starts. Other clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City and Blackpool have openly spoken of … Continue reading

Vuvuzelas: Tell ESPN If You Want to Hear Them or Not

Posted on by Christopher Harris

So far during this 2010 World Cup tournament, the talking points have been more off the field than on it. While the players from the 32 teams have failed to sparkle thus far, most of the talk seems to be … Continue reading

Should FIFA Ban the Vuvuzela for the Duration of the World Cup?

Posted on by Jesse Chula

Whether you’re new to the World Cup or you’re taking in your tenth finals, you’re sure to have noticed the incessant drone at matches this past weekend from the stadium horns known as vuvuzelas that are so common in South … Continue reading