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Premier League to Launch 24/7 TV Service Next Season

Posted on by Christopher Harris

The Premier League will launch a 24/7 TV service next season with all of the content available for selection by TV rights holders around the world except Great Britain. The types of TV programming available will include classic Premier League … Continue reading

Interview With Gary Taphouse, Football Commentator

Posted on by Christopher Harris

The voice of football commentator Gary Taphouse will be very familiar if you watch a lot of Premier League football matches on TV. His unmistakable voice has graced plenty of EPL commentaries as well as World Cup qualifiers, Chelsea radio … Continue reading

Battle Of The Highlight Shows: Match Of The Day vs Premier League Review Show

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Which is the better Premier League highlight show? BBC’s Match Of The Day or TWI’s Premier League Review Show? Millions of people around the world watch the highlight packages that feature the best bits of each Premier League match, so … Continue reading

Could ESPN Steal Andy Gray From Sky Sports?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Modern day football coverage is such that the commentators don’t even need to be in the stadiums anymore. ESPN’s Euro 2008 commentators are all huddled in Bristol, Connecticut. Most TWI commentators, meanwhile, broadcast Premier League games out of their studios … Continue reading