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FIFA 11 Goals of the Week: Video

Watch the best goals from round four of FIFA 11’s Goal of the Week competition in the above video. There are several sublime ones including goals for Arsenal, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Marseille. Some of them will make you drool. Others may make you sick at how easy they […]

Fox Soccer Channel Advertising at St. James's Park

Okay traditional football fans, I need your feedback. If you’re very observant or perhaps a Newcastle fan, did you notice in yesterday’s Everton match at St. James’s Park that there was a “Fox Soccer Channel” advertising board behind the goal when Ameobi “beat” the offside trap and scored that cheeky […]

UEFA’s Appeal Committee Show No Common Sense

Why is it so hard to have a governing body with an ounce of common sense, UEFA just seem bereft of it every time it seems like they’ll do the right thing. Are your matches blighted by neo-nazi’s forming swastika shapes on the terrace? Here, have a fine of $3 […]

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