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die Tabelle lügen nicht! Preview

1st Schalke What You Know: If baseball’s Chicago Cubs had a baby with the Red Sox prior to 2004, Schalke would be the offspring. What You Don’t: All things both good and bad must end. What to Expect: Yes, Campeones! I say that, bucking all trends, and knowing full well […]

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Watch ‘Peep Show’; Must-see Brit TV [VIDEO]

If you’re bored of watching what’s on TV or Netflix and you’re looking for something that’s unique, funny and bizarre, Peep Show is a must-see. The point-of-view camera effects as well as quirky “inside your head” humor work tremendously well as lead actors David Mitchell and Robert Webb go about […]

Joost to Offer Premier League Highlights Via Internet

In an interesting development relating to soccer and technology, Joost — the online TV network from the creators of Skype — has won the rights to show highlights from Premier League matches for viewers in India only. The highlights will form a dedicated Joost channel for viewers in India. The […]

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