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Gotcha: Evidence That Sky Sports Hates Setanta

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Near the end of the Sky Sports news programme Through The Night, the hosts always flip through the back pages of the British daily newspapers to point out the headlines of what the morning papers are saying. It’s a standard … Continue reading

Why Sky Sports News Sucks

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Thought for the day: If you were an alien that landed on earth and were forced to watch the Sky Sports News program “Through The Night,” would you know that the biggest sporting event in the world waa taking place, … Continue reading

Euro 2008 Coverage By Sky Sports Is Pathetic

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Right now, football fans throughout Europe and around the world are riveted to Euro 2008. But if you’ve watched “Through The Night” the past few days, you’ll have noticed that Sky Sports has led with different stories and relegated Euro … Continue reading