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Tag Archives: The FA

Wayne Rooney And Mark Clattenburg Again Prove The FA Is Inept

Posted on by Jesse Chula

  Another week and yet another incident allowing football fans to again see just how silly the FA operate, or in this past weekend’s case, fails to operate. Reminiscent of a clumsy, bumbling teenager attempting to un-hook his first bra … Continue reading

FA Cup Replays Could Be Dropped to Incorporate Winter Break

Posted on by Jesse Chula

It seems as if all the whining and whinging to the FA hasn’t fallen on deaf ears as a proposal to the FA concerning a winter break is slowly gaining steam within the game. Eliminating FA Cup replays is just one … Continue reading

English Football Is Not Dead, But It's On The Critical List

Posted on by Paul Bestall

There is a current malaise effecting almost everyone in England that follows the national side, from fans, retailers, journalists and TV executives. The finger of blame is being pointed fairly equally between Fabio Capello and the highly paid, highly hyped … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why England Aren’t Good Enough to Compete with the World’s Best

Posted on by Jesse Chula

In all actuality, shouldn’t we have seen this coming like some run away freight down the frozen road of Precedence St. set by all those England players before? A capitulation of the highest order, a failing against those we least … Continue reading

Just How Bad is the Wembley Pitch?

Posted on by Jesse Chula

I was lucky enough this weekend to be able to watch both FA Cup semi finals that took place at Wembley stadium in London from the comfort of my own home. As we know, Chelsea got the better of Aston Villa while Portsmouth … Continue reading

The FA, Paul Gascoigne and Help

Posted on by Jesse Chula

A Lion who’s seen better times. Will it all end in tears? Yet again, Paul Gascoigne has been in the English media headlines in recent weeks for all the wrong reasons. The 42 year old midfield maestro of yesteryear who looks the … Continue reading

Setanta Has Its Rights, But Is Not Selling England Highlights In Its Best Interests?

Posted on by Jeff Hash

We are barely a month into the new four year contract that saw England national team matches move from the BBC and Sky to ITV and Setanta, but already Setanta, despite its smaller reach and operation, is playing tough.  The … Continue reading