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Chelsea Take Control of the Premier League Title Race

A quick glance at the Premier League table shows Chelsea sitting in third position behind Arsenal and Manchester City. But a closer look at the remaining fixtures tells us that the Blues are actually in pole position to win the league. Chelsea’s remaining schedule features home matches against: • Arsenal, […]

How I Became a “Bandwagon” Chelsea Fan

My name is Morgan Green and I am an American who has been a fan of soccer for the last 7 years. Throughout that time I’ve seen and heard a lot about my love of soccer and about the teams that I choose to follow. It’s a unique situation being […]

EPL Podcast Weekend Review, Open Thread: Have Your Say

There are so many talking points from this Premier League weekend that it’s going to be tough for Laurence McKenna and the EPL Talk Podcast crew to know where to start. To help drive the discussion, post your questions and suggested topic ideas in the comments section below. It’s your […]

Poll: Surprise Team Of 2009/2010 Premier League Season

In previous Premier League seasons, clubs have come out of the starting gate that have shocked and surprised us. The shock was due to the clubs completely exceeding our expectations of where we thought they’d end up in the table or the cups that they would win. And in some […]

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