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Soccer Trivia & Replica Jersey Giveaway

Serie A Talk in partnership with SoccerPro.com happily announce,   The Soccer Trivia & Replica Jersey Giveaway For most, Thanksgiving is about turkey and pumpkin pie, peaceful (or not) meals gathered around the family table, and long naps in your favorite recliner. But not at SoccerPro – we’re going to spend this Thanksgiving month […]

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Spurs v Derby: Live and Online

If you’re searching for a way to experience Saturday’s match between Spurs and Derby online, join the EPL Talk Chat hosted by BC John. We’ll have Spurs, County and neutral fans from around the world chatting in real-time about the final. We’ll also be able to tip you off regarding […]

Fan Diary #12: Flailing at Sunderland and Anfield

It’s tempting to heave my piling anger, frustration, pain, and total bewilderment on a red beach ball.  It’s tempting to lament the many injuries my side picked up while the players were dispersed for the international break. But after watching Liverpool lose their third and fourth matches in a row, […]

No Real Winners in Galaxy v Chelsea Charade

I ask just one question. Now that David Beckham’s LA Galaxy debut is over, who gained anything from it? Think about that for a second. Other than generating money, who were the winners now that the friendly is complete? It certainly wasn’t the spectators or TV viewers who were fed […]

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