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Stoke City Supporters Named Worst In Premier League

If we took a quick poll to find out who you think has been the best and most boisterous supporters during the 2008-2009 Premier League season, Stoke City would win the vote hands-down. The incredible amount of noise and hysteria generated by Stoke City fans at the Britannia Stadium has […]

Arsenal Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

A photograph of Arsenal’s home shirt for the 2011-12 season has been leaked on the Internet. The new Arsenal home shirt features a design that is similar to the current 2010-11 one, but the most prominent new feature is a wreath around the Arsenal crest. Also noticeable is that the […]

Tottenham Hotspur Disappears On Fox Soccer Channel

When Fox Soccer Channel displayed the top half of the Premier League table on its channel last weekend after the Chelsea versus Manchester United match, eagle eyes EPL Talk reader Michael V. Miracolo noticed something unusual. Tottenham Hotspur wasn’t listed in the top half of the table! It’s not easy […]

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