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How the ESPN360 & Setanta Broadband Deal Will Work

Posted on by Christopher Harris

ESPN and Setanta announced last week that both networks will immediately begin sharing the broadband rights in the United States for the Carling Cup, Coca-Cola Championship and Football League. But how exactly will games be split between Setanta Broadband and … Continue reading

England Football Fans Shut Out On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

Posted on by Christopher Harris

For once, the Brits know how it feels to be American. That is, they know how difficult it is to watch England play football on TV. With the TV rights for England in Britain going to Setanta Sports, most Englanders … Continue reading

Does Setanta Broadband Work On An Apple iPhone?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Setanta Broadband isn’t currently compatible with the Apple iPhone, but a source inside Setanta Sports USA has informed me that they are currently in the process of implementing a new solution and intend to make it as cross-platform as possible … Continue reading