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Don Garber Addresses the Nation

Posted on by Robert Hay

Prior to the MLS Cup Final on Sunday, Don Garber held court today to discuss the good, the bad, and the future of MLS.  Much of what he said is in no way surprising, but he did shed some light … Continue reading

Can A Salary Cap Save The Premier League From Itself?

Posted on by Stephen Lucey

I was posed a question last night about the Premier League by a casual American observer. “Why don’t they have a salary cap?” While on the face of it I know that in some ways the comparisons aren’t entirely fair, … Continue reading

Should MLS be Preaching their Financial Parity Model to the World?

Posted on by Robert Jonas

Over the next two days, many of soccer’s most influential executives from around the world will meet in London, England for the annual “Leaders in Football” conference. Included in that group are three representatives from the United States: Don Garber, … Continue reading

Premier League Should Emulate Major League Baseball’s Wage Structure

Posted on by tyduffy

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore rejected the notion of a salary cap, suggested by UEFA. “If you say 60% or 50% can be capped on wages, what it really does is absolutely lock in the natural order,” he told … Continue reading

Would A Salary Cap Combat Debt?

Posted on by tyduffy

  FA chairman David Treisman mentioned introducing a salary cap, to combat the “very tangible dangers” of the current financial climate.  Premier League clubs have a combined £3 billion of debt.  But, is wage expenditure really the most prominent issue? … Continue reading