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Manchester City Still Has So Much To Learn

In some fans’ and pundits’ opinion, Manchester City appears to be the team best equipped to challenge Chelsea for the Premier League title. But last Saturday 2-1 defeat at Wolves showed that despite all the talent there are evidently a few holes that need to be filled in.  First credit […]

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The Next Generation of Forward – Cristiano Ronaldo

Roma 0 – 2 Man Utd Tuesday 1st April 2008: Stadio Olimpico The Next Generation of Forward – Cristiano Ronaldo When Ronaldo cannoned that header past a leisurely Roma defence he looked nothing like the flamboyant flair player, Ronaldo had no veneer of the tentative school child, he illustrated no […]

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What happened to the FIFA members who voted for Russia and Qatar

Five years ago on Wednesday, FIFA’s executive committee chose Russia to host the 2018 World Cup and Qatar for 2022 in one of the most controversial votes in sporting history. Sixteen of the 24 executive members have been suspended, arrested for bribery, or banned. Others have faced questions about their […]