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The Guardian Jumps On YouTube Footy Bandwave

Several weeks ago, the Premier League and the company they employed named NetResult came down hard on the owner of 101greatgoals blog with a threatening letter warning the blogger to remove links to goal highlights on YouTube.The blogger ignored the demands and has continued linking to highlights of football action. […]

The Anglophile’s Guide to British TV

When I was an impressionable 12-year old, I saw something on Channel 13 that changed my life. A lecherous older man was surrounded by dozens of lovely girls, all of whom had very charming British accents and very short skirts. The man was Benny Hill, of course, and from that […]

FA Cup Saturday, Fifth Round: TV times and open thread

Here’s today’s TV schedule for viewers/readers in the United States: West Bromwich Albion vs West Ham (FA Cup), 7:45am, FOX Sports 1, FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer 2Go Blackburn Rovers vs Stoke City (FA Cup), 10am, FOX Sports 2, FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer 2Go Derby County vs Reading (FA Cup), 10am, […]

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