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New Nike Commercial

This is Nike’s newest campaign in which Atlético’s Sergio Agüero and Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola tell kids in a favela to “Leave It All (On The Pitch) Or Leave Football”. [display_podcast]

A Flying Winger Is Still A Necessity For Liverpool

Aston Villa’s steady midfielder Gareth Barry and Tottenham’s crafty forward Robbie Keane look to set be Liverpool’s two most significant transfers this summer, if the club can secure the signatures of the pair, but in my opinion it is a another flying winger that would benefit the team most.With youngster […]

Barcelona need another way

It was called a victory for football. With the free-flowing, attack minded Barca defeating the dour hard-nosed boys from West London, with their stifling, aggressive and negative tactics. But it wasn’t total football that won Barca the game last Wednesday night, it was one moment of brilliance from Iniesta in […]

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