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New Barcelona Away Jersey “Leaked”

Orange is a color that is symbolic of many things.  It is one of those stimulating colors that make the people wearing even more empowered.  It invigorates the eyes and stimulates that senses.  We also know what the symbolism is behind oranges are based on watching The Godfather. Well that […]

Jonathan Starling Responds to the Arrogance of uninformed English “Journalists”

Here is the link to the offensive column: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/columnists/martin_samuel/article2343925.ece?openComment=true#comments-form Here is Jonathan’s Letter: If this can please be forwarded to Martin Samuel, I will be greatly appreciated. I’m going to choose my words carefully simply because you seem to be as ignorant on the American sport scene, yet feel the […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo is determined to mask his decline

Earlier last week, Brazilian legend Ronaldinho left yet another club by mutual agreement. The story was like every other. After an initial bout of optimism, his time at the club (in this case, Fluminense) quickly turned tumultuous, and a split was in the best interest of both parties. It’s the […]

Review: Honigstein’s ‘Das Reboot’ is required reading for fans of German, US soccer

“Das Reebot,” a new book from Raphael Honingstein which hits book stores and online retailers on Tuesday, is a masterful look at how German soccer broke out of its conservative traditions to create a world champion. While Germany has always from the view of outsiders been a world powerhouse, having never […]